The Woo Woo 7.7oz

The Woo Woo 7.7oz

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Burn Down For What stands on its own as one of the last remaining candle companies that actually makes candles.  Unapologetically real scents used in real situations, with real people to aid in having a really good time. 

Beyond smelling good, BDFW is a woman-owned, small business based out of Richmond, Virginia.  Each candle is handmade, hand poured and hand (well nose) tested.  

The Woo Woo is part of the "Mandle" collection. It is made of Black Pepper Bergamot, Leather, & Musk.

When to burn: To release the woodoo that you do

Where to burn: The main area man zones: bedroom, bathroom, mancave

My two scents: "This is my "Mandle" that is made by a woman with a man in mind. It has a high woo winning percentage."